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  • Use your crystal ball. You need to be able to see what's happening at all times, and in every location. We offer visibility and access into your entire network, from one place.

  • You can take it with you. Physicians are on the move, and we're all grateful. Using Remote Operations' SingleSign, physicians can now review and sign their reports from anywhere, and all with one login.

  • Everyone's the quarterback. You know that, in your network, the best defense is a strong offense. We built our system to allow your medical and administrative staff network-wide access in each and every one of your locations.

  • You only pay for what you use. Your patient load varies from day to day, month to month. Why pay a fixed price for your transcription? Our variable pricing means a quiet night on call equals lower costs for you.

  • Your hospital never sleeps. Neither do we. Our JCAHO-approved records system allows you to rest easy knowing we've got your back under any circumstances. Through power outages and natural disasters, all your patient information will be secure, and we'll be there in a pinch.

  • You need it now. Turnaround time is crucial for you. You will never again need to wait days or weeks at a time for physician referrals and updated patient information. Remote Operations provides you with what you need almost immediately.

  • How does automation benefit your bottom line? In your world, time is money. Call today to schedule a free live webcast demonstrating how Remote Operations can save you time on tedious paperwork and speed up the flow of information to referring physicians.

    Call us at (512) 231-1300

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  • No 1-800 maze for you. Your practice might be small, but your problems are just as real, and just as important to us. We provide the personal service you'd expect from a boutique operation. Just like your mailman or local butcher, you can count on one relationship with one account manager at the other end of the phone.

  • We can be your EMR. If you run a small or single-physician practice, you might not be ready to switch to an EMR yet, but you have options. We offer you the benefit of digital information management without making the full transition. You set the pace.

  • Call us anytime. Literally. Your account manager will be ready to answer any questions and troubleshoot any technical issue, as you need it.